Monday Night Recreation

On Monday Nights you can find 10-20 people meeting at a local restaurant to have dinner and fellowship at 5:30pm . Then they meet together in Legacy Hall at PGBC and play Bean Bag Toss (sometimes called Cornhole).  Monday Night Recreation is something God uses to get people involved; non members are discovering our church and developing relationships with growing Christians through the fun and fellowship!
      So what’s this game about?  This game really is a lot of fun, and here is how you play. This is a “horse shoe” type game in which you take a bean bag, and throw it towards an angled board with a hole in the top of it, and your objective is to land on the board for 1 point, or in the hole for 3 points.  You get 4 bags and take turns throwing them toward the board.  Opposing teams can cancel out each other’s points by tying them; i.e., if both of you get three bags in the hole and then one of you lands on the board while the other misses entirely, the one on the board counts as one point and everything else cancels out!  At the other end your partners pick up the bags and start all over again until somebody gets 21 points and that will declare the winner.
      We celebrate EVERYBODY’S efforts, but we also have special fun rewarding a perfect score; so the first time anyone sinks all 4 Bean Bags in a single turn, we give them a Coke or Diet Coke or other Soft Drink of their choosing.  Furthermore, this will be presented on the following Sunday Morning at the Worship Service!  “When we started out there were only about 6 or 8 of us” says original player Al Knect. “To watch God work as all these other people start to come out on a Monday Night and fellowship with us is so great!”  Our numbers on Monday night have reached any where from 10 – 20 people, some of whom just watch and enjoy the fellowship while others are avid players!!
      So Come Join us on Monday Nights at 7:00pm for Dessert and Bean Bag Toss.  You never know, you might win a Soft Drink!
Al Knect vs. John Lowry
Bill Gadd, You're lucky if you're on his team!
Dorthy Gadd doesn't mess around!