Bro. Louis Baptizing new Christians!

From The Pastor

          That picture to the left is a great reminder of what we are all about here at PGBC. Jesus said that wherever we go and, by implication, whatever else we do, we are to make disciples. In other words, lead people to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

          Then we are to baptize, or immerse them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In that picture, two new disciples, Angela and Bailey, are experiencing just that through our Church’s ministry. Finally, there is the life long process of learning and teaching all the truths, and their applications,  contained in the Scriptures, God’s Word.

          This page is the place where you will sometimes find worksheets to assist you in following along during our Bible Studies. The links will appear below and you are welcome to print them out and use them as you see fit. As always, the key is to get out your Bible and study the Word: the worksheets never replace that tool!!

          You do NOT need to give me credit for anything you learn if you use these truths in teaching somebody else afterwards. Just share the truth and give God the Glory!!!

            In Christ Jesus,   Bro. Louis

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